Learn Why You Should Stop By Perky’s Pizza Booth #100 at IAAPA!

Perky's Pizza at IAAPAPerky’s Pizza will be attending the IAAPA tradeshow in Orlando again, for our 23rd year at the event.  At booth #100 we will be talking about our quality pizza products and doing Perky’s Pizza Preparation demonstrations.  Perky’s is well known in the industry for our great tasting pizza that is made with our proprietary pizza ingredients.

We focus on creating a compact, efficient pizza system that is perfect for almost any establishment.  Our system is currently serving great pizza, extending patron lengths of stay and earning profits in:  amusement/theme parks, bowling/skating centers, zoos, aquariums, museums, waterparks, golf courses and more.

If you’re going to IAAPA, then you should plan to stop by our booth if you’re looking for:

  • An additional revenue stream with low cost investment
  • A way to increase patron length of stay in your facility
  • A quality pizza product to serve your guests
  • An easy set up with program options
  • A way to serve everyone’s favorite food…PIZZA!

Still not sure if Perky’s Pizza is right for your establishment?  See what some of our customers are saying.

“We have been working with the team at Perky’s now for several years. We have found them to be an active partner in our new resort development as well as working with us in our existing resorts. Their service, response and attitude have made all the difference in helping create quick meal alternatives for our resort guests. Their product has been well received and the ongoing support they provide has ensured that the product quality is consistent.”

Mark Mrozinski, Vice President of Retail, Dining and Spa Operations 
Westgate Resorts – Orlando, FL

“I’ve had Perky’s Pizza for over ten years and it just keeps getting better. The product taste is amazing, our customers rave about it. The addition of Perky’s dramatically impacted our sales in our food service area by over 40%. Pizza, still today, represents 29% of all food & drink revenue. The Perky’s Pizza system enables us to make a perfect pizza every time. It’s so simple any age staff member can do it. Perky’s was the best choice I could have made for my center.”

Kevin W Baker, President
Interskate 91 Family Fun Center

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have an up close and personal conversation with our Executive Chef, Bill Sweet, at the IAAPA tradeshow in Orlando.  We would love to help you improve your food sales business! Don’t forget…we are at booth #100!

IAAPA Orlando Tradeshow – Stop By Perky’s Booth #100!

Will you be attending the IAAPA Tradeshow in Orlando in November?  If so, we would love for you to stop by the Perky’s Pizza booth #100!  The IAAPA tradeshow is a great place to get information on multiple entertainment industries and gain insights to help grow your business.  Perky’s Pizza has a great quality product to help you increase your food sales for your establishment.  Stop by our booth #100 at the IAAPA Orlando Tradeshow to learn more!  Here’s an infographic to help you learn a little more about the show.

IAAPA Orlando Tradeshow

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 Orlando Is Coming!

Perky's Pizza at IAAPA Orlando!The Orlando IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 is almost here!  November 17-20th the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Trade Show will be in Orlando, FL.  We are excited to be a part of this event once again!  This will be Perky’s Pizza’s 23rd consecutive year attending the conference! Perky’s Pizza will be at booth #100 demonstrating of our efficient pizza preparation system and showing our great Perky’s Pizza products. Perky’s team has a long history of working to place compact pizza systems inside Entertainment Center, Bowling Centers, Skating Centers, Waterparks, Hotels and Resorts, Golf Clubs, Amusement Parks and many other types of businesses looking to add quality pizza for their guests.

Operators, who wish to increase patron length of stay with great Pizza, come to us at all stages of development. Whether in the planning stage, building stage or remodeling an existing location, we encourage you to stop by discuss pizza options with us.  We would love to help you come up with a solution that works specifically for your location including menu planning, design and layout strategy, equipment sourcing and of course the quality Perky’s Pizza Ingredients.

Perky’s Executive Chef, Bill Sweet will be attending the show, doing demonstrations and discussing consultation and training options.   Bill has also worked to layout and plan over 100 projects over the past 15 years with Perky’s Pizza. Some helpful tools to aid in discussions:

  • If you have an existing location, bring your menu and current layout for review.
  • If you are re-modeling, bring your design plans and menu goals.
  • If you are building a location, bring your design plans and menu ideas.
  • Most of all, bring your ideas, dreams and thoughts.
  • In return, you will get experienced, real-world feedback.

We look forward to seeing you at the show and making new connections!  This is a great industry, that we are proud to be a part of it and hope to be a part of your establishment.  Call our corporate office today at 800-473-7597. Check out Perky’s Pizza to learn more!

Pizza Baking Equipment

Pizza! Everyone has their favorite pizzeria; it brings out the passion in people. Want to start a fun, spirited conversation? Ask someone if they prefer thin, regular, or thick crust, Sweet or Tangy Sauce, Mozzarella or a Blend of Cheese. I doubt you will get past the crust part before the arguing begins! What many people don’t know, is how their beloved pizza is actually cooked. Sure you can sit down and see the “Brick Oven” in a beautiful open kitchen setting, or have it delivered to your table. But how was it actually cooked? Gas? Wood? Electric? Or worst case scenario, a closed cavity piece of equipment. Likewise for many of your favorite finger foods.

Nearly all our customers ask us for our expert opinion on the best way to cook pizza and some popular finger foods, quickly, healthy and economically.

Thanks to the advancement in food service equipment, producing a great tasting pizza is easier and faster than ever, especially a Perky’s Pizza!

In venues from FEC’s, Resorts, Bowling Centers, Water Parks, Zoos, Theaters, and other types of non-traditional locations you have oven choices.

In our professional opinion based on 28 years of experience, here is the Scoreboard for Ovens;

The Best

Ventless Electric Conveyors. Turbo Chef. Nothing better. Period. We highly recommend these ovens because they satisfy the key decision points of through put capacity, reduced labor, and direct air for maximum flavor profile. Add in the compact footprint and stacking ability, and you have a super-efficient, oven choice.

Traditional Conveyor Ovens

Electric Conveyor Ovens have been around a long time. Many traditional conveyor ovens will do an excellent job of cooking pizza and finger foods. The major issue here is that these ovens typically get snared in the regulations surrounding grease laden vapors.   Since each City, County, and State regulates the kitchen area differently, it makes it very difficult to specify this type of oven, unless you decide to put in a Hood System.

Closed Cavity Ovens

There are many Closed Cavity Oven options available, but they doom you to low volume. Since these convection like ovens rely on circulating air, internal temperatures take longer to achieve, thus leading to longer cooking times.

This option simply cannot keep up with a busy location.

October is National Pizza Month!

National Pizza Month

October is National Pizza Month!  Pizza is the perfect food to enjoy with friends andfamily!  It’s a food that is made to eat with others and because of this, it is perfect for group events or celebrations.  It’s a food that brings delight and excitement to events and outings.  So, if you own a Family Entertainment Center, then focus on bringing that delight and excitement for your patrons to your establishment during the month of October.

Below are some suggestions on how you can promote National Pizza Month in your Entertainment Center establishment.

  • Bowl a perfect game and get a free pizza
  • Buy one pizza and get the second one half off
  • Offer family packages that include pizza
  • Promote family fun nights and offer pizza discounts
  • Offer special packages for birthday parties and team building events that include pizza
  • If you survive a round of laser tag without getting tagged once, then you get a free slice of pizza
  • Set up a station to let patrons make their own pizza
  • Have a raffle where the winner wins a pizza party
  • If you get 5 hole-in-ones, you get a free slice of pizza

These are just a few suggestions. There are all kind of fun of ways you can promote pizza during National Pizza Month and throughout the year!

If your Family Entertainment Center doesn’t offer pizza, then it’s definitely something you should consider.  It’s economical, easy, and everyone loves pizza! Lengthen your patron visit and overall enjoyment with Perky’s Pizza.  Perky’s Pizza has been providing establishments with great quality pizzas for over 26 years.  Perky’s offers quality products and flexible programs to fit many different needs.

Pizza is a great way to bring in both new and returning patrons – so celebrate National Pizza Month!  It provides many extra options to tie in with promotional offerings and combos across your entertainment facility.  If you are looking for a way to incorporate pizza into your Family Entertainment Center, then contact Perky’s Pizza today for more information!

September is National Food Safety Month

Did you know that September is National Food Safety Month?  If you do not currently have a food safety program in place, then it is important that you implement one if you are in the foodservice business.  Not only will implementing a food safety program protect your establishment and employees, but it will also protect your patrons and keep them coming back.

Implementing a food safety program should be one of the top priorities in the foodservice industry.  It may take a little time and effort; however, in the end it will be well worth it.  The National Restaurant Association estimates that the foodservice industry serves 130 million people on a typical day in the United States (Source: Food Safety News).  Keeping that in mind, here are some facts to think about related to food safety

  • “Nearly 61 percent (241,300) of all injury and illness cases reported in the ‘leisure and hospitality’ category occurred in food service and drinking establishments” (Source: Work Safe).
  • “Nearly four out of 100 full-time workers in food service and drinking establishments report experiencing a work-related injury or illness” (Source: Work Safe).

Don’t wait to implement a food safety program. Just one case of food poisoning or a health violation can seriously damage a restaurant’s reputation.  If you own an Entertainment Facility that serves food, then this also applies to you. (deleted last sentence here)

Perky’s Pizza Chef and Director of Operations, Bill Sweet, has identified some of the most important safety protocols that your restaurant staff should keep in mind.

  • Proper Hand Washing – When handling food it’s important to wash your hands frequently.  Make sure to use clean, warm, running water, and soap.  Scrub hands with soap for 20 seconds (about the length of time to sing the ABC Song).
  • Storage Temperatures – Make sure all refrigeration in your location is set to a temperature of 36° +/- 2° and your freezers are at a temperature of 0° +/- 10°.
  • Cooked Internal Product Temperature – Ensure internal product temperatures of cooked items are no less than 165°.
  • Serving Temperatures – When serving food, it’s important to maintain a minimum of 155° at the time of service to the customer.

Below are some links to help ensure you’re following food safety guidelines.  This information will help you put together a food safety program for your establishment.

Food Safety Checklist Resources:

Safe Food Handling

Basics for Handling Food Safely

Consumer Food Safety Education Conference 2014

As an establishment that serves food, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees and patrons safe.  Take time to set up a food safety program and make sure your employees understand the importance of maintaining food safety.   Your employees represent your business – make sure they know how to leave a positive lasting impression on your patrons.

Five Reasons Your FEC Should Be Serving Pizza

products_pizzaYou’re a busy Family Entertainment Center (FEC) manager or owner looking for affordable ways to please your patrons, right?  Pizza may just be the best thing you could do for your FEC.  Why?  Here are five great reasons:

  1. It’s a Favorite Food. It makes sense to start with the obvious.  Almost everyone loves pizza, and it’s a versatile offering. You can serve cheese only, meat toppings, veggie toppings or specialty pizzas for an upscale selection. When it comes to pizza there is an option to please practically every customer and it can be shared.  Fun facts: 350 slices are eaten per second and 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US each year (source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/pizza-statistics/)
  2. It’s an Additional Revenue Stream.  Profit margins on pizza are significantly higher than most other quick foodservice options. According to White Hutchinson Leisure Learning Group, “A significant percentage of income also comes from food and beverages, birthday parties and other celebrations.” (source:http://www.whitehutchinson.com/leisure/familyctr.shtml).  What party is complete without pizza?It will also help to create repeat customers because your FEC will become a one-stop shop for family fun!
  3. It Makes Patrons Stay Longer. Having great food onsite leads to impulse purchases.  When you serve food, people don’t have to leave the fun because they are hungry! That means you win through sales of food and beverage plus additional sales of games played during the increased length of stay.
  4. It’s a low-cost Investment.  The cost to invest in getting set up with Perky’s Pizza is low and rewarding.  If you do need assistance, Perky’s Pizza has teamed up with several lenders to provide leasing and financing opportunities.  We want you to succeed and will do what we can to make that happen!
  5. It’s a Convenient Option.  Perky’s Pizza provides menu planning, compact equipment packages and training options to fit the needs of your location.  We take the hassle out of pizza making so that you can be more productive. Our systems are designed to be efficient and consistent!

If you own a Family Entertainment Center and you’re looking to expand offerings to your patrons, then Perky’s Pizza has what you need!  We offer quality products to fit your budget.  Contact us today to learn more!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration – Pizza Included!

Have you tried adding a specialty pizza into your regular pizza mix lately? Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! What a fun way to celebrate and host a Mexican style fiesta in your entertainment facility!  Try a Mexican Pizza recipe complete with all the Mexican favorites: Cheeses, Jalapeños etc., for a fun promotional offering.

Rather than just a couple of food specials, deck out your entertainment center or facility with fun Mexican décor and party items such as piñatas, colorful lights, flags, hats and maracas! Play some Mexican music for your guests and maybe even make room for some dancing.  Along with your Mexican pizza special, try some fancy nacho specials, jalapeño poppers and if you have alcohol: Margarita and Mexican beer specials.  Plan some fun games to incorporate into your event as well.  Here are some game ideas from punchbowl.com


In the US part of the Cinco de Mayo holiday festivities serve to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride.  The original date of May 5th, 1862 commemorates the Mexican army‘s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico. All of your customers are sure to have fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo if you plan great activities around the special day.

Large Mexican Pizza


1 Large 12” Par Baked Pizza Crust
Pam Cooking Spray
Pizza Sauce
Pizza Cheese
Mexican Style Seasoning
Beef Taco Meat- cooked previously
Shredded Lettuce
Chopped Onions
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Chopped Tomatoes
Sliced Jalapeños
Sliced Avocado

  • Use a large, store bought, 12 oz. Par-Baked Pizza Crust
  • Remove Pizza Crust from packaging
  • Lightly spray bottom of crust with Pam Cooking Spray
  • Brush Outside of crust with Garlic butter
  • Apply pizza sauce from center outward using a 3 oz. spoodle
  • Maintain a ½” to ¾” edge free of sauce
  • Cover the sauce with pizza cheese
  • Season pizza with Mexican Type Seasoning
  • Top pizza with 3 oz. of pre-cooked Beef Taco filling
  • Place 1 oz. of chopped onion on the pizza
  • Apply 1 oz. of cheddar cheese shreds to the pizza
  • Bake pizza completely in your pizza oven
  • Cut pizza and apply lettuce and chopped tomatoes to the top of pizza
  • If desired add jalapeño or avocado slices
  • Serve with Salsa, guacamole or sour cream and enjoy!


23 Years of IAAPA Attractions Expo

Perky’s Pizza is excited about our 23rd year attending the IAAPA Attractions Expo.  We decided to chart those years out and share it with you on this handy infographic.  Share with your IAAPA friends, and be sure to stop by booth 100 to say “hi” to the Perky’s Pizza crew!

If you are seriously considering adding foodservice to your operation, we encourage you to contact us today to book your FREE, 30-minute consultation at the IAAPA Attractions Expo with Perky’s Pizza Executive Chef Bill Sweet.  Just call our corporate office today at 800-473-7597.  When you get to the show, be sure you bring the following to make the most of your time with Bill:

  • If you have an existing location, bring your menu and current layout for review.
  • If you are re-modeling, bring your design plans and menu.
  • If you are building a location, bring your design plans and menu ideas.
  • Most of all, bring your ideas, dreams and thoughts.
  • In return, you will get experienced, real-world feedback.

IAAPA Attractions Expo